30-day Photo Fest

And the Photo Fest begins!

Photo fest is just a-photo-a-day kind of thing where I will shoot one picture a day and will upload them onto this page. This kept me thinking yesterday about where I should start and since Ramadan started today, I started with a picture which adheres to the same theme. More details could be found here: Introduction: Click here. I hope you will enjoy looking at life from a different perspective.

Feedbacks are most welcome. Not welcomed – loved. 🙂

Minor cropping and color adjustments are done where required.

  • Day 1 – Ramadan starts
  • Day 2 – Sahoor
  • Day 3 – Fruits
  • Day 4 – Alleyway leading to a staircase
  • Day 5 – Quranic Verses
  • Day 6 – Sunrise
  • Day 7 – Chicken fried rice
  • Day 8 – The way I perceived it
  • Day 9 – Decorations
  • Day 10 – The smell of rain
  • Day 11 – Rained like there’s no tomorrow
  • Day 12 – ‘Motu’ Marker
  • Day 13 – Friends Forever
  • Day 14 – Patriotism
  • Day 15 – Pink clouds
  • Day 16 – Light peeping through
  • Day 17 – This ought to have a meaning. No?
  • Day 18 – Let’s Celebrate
  • Day 19 – A candle light to keep you out of dark
  • Day 20 – Sweets are so sweet.
  • Day 21 – The clouds changed colours just before it was about to rain – Black to Sea green!
  • Day 22 – Life drenched in colors
  • Day 23 –  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
  • Day 24 – Only if I could fly like you.

I tried my best till the end. I somehow lost the rest 6 pics which is weird. I was being lazy and forgot to upload them onto my blog. How stupid! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one-pic-a-day kind of thing. It was a totally new idea for me and I enjoyed it very much. These things help you grow in all dimensions by testing your skills and utilizing them in the best of ways. I hope that I do some thing of this sort once more in the coming months [when my academic life is in control :p].

A big thank you to all of those who tuned into this page regularly. Keep visiting my flickr page!


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