The Idea of Seeking Randomness

I had no plans of going to Taxila that day. In fact, my friend and I spontaneously planned a trip to the nearby mall. I was done praying and was waiting for my friend to get ready but then I got a call from my family.

They were wondering if I’d like to go to Taxila with them. I  had initially told my cousin how I wanted to see Taxila as he usually frequents the place but I didn’t think he’d actually plan it. So, there I was at cross-roads. I wanted to spend time at the mall and explore the city but at the same time, I wanted to see Taxila.

So, I cancelled my initial plan and hopped onto the next Metro Bus to meet the family at a mutually agreed point. This was also my first time travelling alone on a Metro Bus in Islamabad which was a bit liberating.


The fun bus ride

We booked an fx taxi and manage to cram 7 people in it including the driver. We can do all sorts of things in Pakistan. It was a bit painful physically but all’s well that ends well, ain’t it? We finally reached a place in the outskirts of Taxila.

We stopped by at a friend’s house for some chai and then off we went. One of the residents of the city bought off a huge piece of land back in the 90s and planted all sorts of species there. It eventually became this beautiful sanctuary that is a haven for all sorts of animals. We were fortunate enough to get access to this cordoned off area and even got a quick tour of the place by someone we will call Baba jee here.

I write this for one simple reason. Seek randomness. Some plans might not work out and others (that you don’t want to attend to) may just shift your thinking framework. I had never imagined kindness of this scale. An ordinary man bought off a huge piece of land decades ago just because he wanted to preserve its integrity and make it safe from the fast encroaching settlements. If you think about it, this is thinking exponentially as it is not limited to benefiting your kin or even those of the same species as you – this is thinking interspecifically, beyond your own species. Encompassing everything and everyone.


All of this greenery plus much more that you can’t see is the result of one man’s intentions

Seek randomness. Open yourself up to new ideas. Appreciate their beauty by reflecting upon them.


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