A wholesome experience without the internet – Part III

While I was preparing for my trip to Pakistan, I was thrilled about the idea of having limited access to internet. I had planned how I’d benefit from not being able to pull up my phone every 30 seconds out of boredom. While this is much easier to do on vacations, it can be a bit challenging when you have important job-related work to do. Nonetheless, it turned out to be in my favour.

I’d like to borrow this idea from Scott Young’s piece on ‘What if this were your only chance?’ This is exactly what I did. Given that I will have plenty of opportunities to do whatever I want to do on the internet – I will never again have a similar opportunity where I can freely enjoy a month in Pakistan. After my last year of university and no academic responsibilities in the short-term, this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I think this is what motivated me to do what I did. I visited lots of places (more than I had hoped for), met lots of different people and overall, engaged with places by just being present in the moment.

Had I been glued to my laptop/phone every few minutes, I would have returned dissatisfied with my trip. Perhaps, I would have blamed other people or the circumstances (e.g. Political events) for not being able to enjoy the trip.

To stay true to myself, I’d say this was the first time in many years that I availed my time to the fullest. Without any regrets. So people, go out there and act as if this were your only chance.

This piece is a part of my multi-series blogposts on My Impressions of Pakistan. Here’s Part 1, Part 2.


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