Museums and old places.

I have always been quite intrigued by museums, history and cool artefact. Reading history books has become a casual spare-time hobby (though, I am slow at finishing them -_-). But it has been growing in me.

I never loathed the grade 7 – 8 Social Studies classes where we were made to memorize dates and numbers that were useless to some extent. Over time, this interest has reached its peak. Living in those times would have been different. I think I’d have loved it. Oh well.

Through the generous support of Aga Khan foundation a few years ago, the Toronto community was blessed with a museum highlighting the rich Islamic history. Being originally from Pakistan, I had only been to cultural museums but never saw something of this level. Something that displays Islamic history.

While the museum itself has 2 full galleries which can be toured in detail in about 4 – 6 hours, they host different cultural and historical events on a regular basis.

From body armour, bowls, plates to wall panels, there were quite a variety of things on display. Every single artifact was so beautifully made that it just baffles the human eye. How could someone put so much effort into making something that is used as a bowl for a drink but is so intricately designed that you wouldn’t even want to drink from it. It will serve very well as a decoration piece in our drawing rooms nowadays, haha.



Armour used during battles with “Shah Sultan Hussain” inscribed in the middle.

While it is a little limited in terms of the number of artefact on display, I think they are onto a good start. With time, they will be able to expand and perhaps, include more cool things that reflect the rich Islamic history.

Through this visit, one idea has been reinforced and drilled deep into me. Whatever the Muslims did back in the days, they did it with such beauty and excellence. Hence, we should strive for excellence and go above and beyond the expectations.


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