The Sacred Island

Often, we look at religion as something of an obligation in terms of rituals and events that don’t connect to our personal life. But if we break it down, its beauty can be found in each and every aspect of our life – from a person’s character to saving the environment.

In Islam, we believe that God has sent us down on Earth with a purpose. The purpose is not to fulfill our wishes, do what we want, create disturbance and then die. In fact, it is very simple and eloquent. To serve humankind and to submit to His will.

My point is that we need to be really careful of what our lifestyle is. Analyse whether you are fulfilling you needs or your wants and then start minimizing. Simplify your lifestyle. De-clutter and observe your surroundings. Gaze at the sky and marvel at His creation. Roam the Earth and appreciate what you are given with. It may sound cliché but the fact that you’ve internet to read this right now is a blessing.

The Qur’an says “Travel through the land and observe how He began creation..” [29:20]

Preserve your environment. Consume less. If we become mindful of the littlest of our actions, we can make a potential change.  This all connects to the following documentary I watched a few days ago [The Sacred Island]. Make sure your not only watch it but start analyzing your actions.  Let’s protect our beautiful Earth.



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