Karachi & Mockingjay

Since the attack on Karachi airport, social media has been taken over by a frenzy of posts and pictures of the event. I don’t know how beneficial or productive it is but one thing is evident, everyone is frustrated.

Yesterday, when I finished Collins’ novel Mockingjay, my mind started drawing parallels between the reality of Pakistan and the novel. To put it in simple words, the authorities have fooled us into believing that whatever they are doing is for the best of us when in fact, no body is safe from the terrorist outfits.

The Capitol ruled the districts because they had successfully divided the districts into twelve parts diminishing the power of unity. The capitol was able to destroy their lives because they did not speak up against it and who ever did was killed shortly after.

If we look closely at just these two points, I can effortlessly say that we need to do a lot more work in this game. In order to regain security and freedom of speech, we need to strengthen the brotherhood instead of letting the extremists kill minority sects. You can do that by showing solidarity with those who are targeted. Be a good neighbor, at the very least. Start with good intentions. Stay hopeful. Realize that our actions (no matter how small they are) are more powerful than words, and if we put in the energy to do anything for the best of humanity it won’t go to waste. Newton’s law says so too.

Today, it’s someone else, tomorrow it could be me.

Stay safe.



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