Lessen your news channel time

In today’s age, we are inundated with information as soon as we turn on any news channel. And more often than not, they are about blood, more killings and stuff that will break us if it happened to us. But we have become so accustomed to it that we just shrug our shoulders and move onto another channel, another news. Sigh. I am not saying that one should not keep up with the news. In fact, I am a strong proponent for it but there’s a limit to everything. Constantly listening to such news not only hardens our hearts but also makes us of people who do not care.

Instead, we should do things that will improve our character and help us develop into a better human being who don’t just watch such news but actually take part in social activism. Such as;

  1. Read a book of your interest
  2. Plan family activities
  3. Join a social community group
  4. Write to your MP about current issues that plague your community
  5. Write for your local newsletter

One can do much more than this but do we really? I have tried to limit watching news channels and have filled up that time with productive things. One person at a time, we will build a community that’s more enlightened and actively working towards goals that benefit everyone.


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