Lessons learnt from a honeybee


A honeybee is magnificent creature that benefits the community more than it benefits itself. As summers are approaching, some are looking for jobs while others are looking for perfect vacation spots. I myself have been planning to make this summer more productive for myself based on how a bee lives. Yes, a honeybee. You might be surprised at what this little creature can teach us. It is humbling when we realize how forgetful and selfish humans are at times. There are three things a bee does: it eats well, sits well and does not disturb other bees.

A bee never sits on a flower that has been used by a bee from another hive. It looks for a fresh and pure flower that has not been used before. In other words, it finds the very best and then indulges itself in it. We as humans should realize that we are supposed to be high achievers. We should not settle for less but work harder and smarter to reach for the best. This rule is applied in every relationship that you carry. It may seem impossible at first, but we can do it little by little. You can too!

Second, a bee sits well meaning that it never puts its pressure on the flower’s stalk. Rather, it hovers over the flower while extracting the nectar to prevent causing any damage to the flower. Never put too much pressure on the people you’re in a relationship with. Before you think about demanding something, give more and then demand. This doesn’t risk the life of the flower but rather gives more to the flower than it takes away from it via pollination. It gives them life.

Third, bees never disturb other bees and never take what is supposed to belong to another bee. Unfortunately, by living in a corporate society we have a developed a cut-throat attitude. We are always looking out for ourselves never even once thinking about the corruption we are causing on earth. We celebrate Earth day but have we ever realized the daily impact our actions have on the environment. We better realize it before its too late.

Humanity should take precedence over everything. Don’t be too stingy and help others out. If you have a piece of information that can help someone else, share it with those in need. What’s yours will not pass you by, then why hide it? Never wait for an opportunity to come at your door. Create an opportunity and help your community. A community that sticks together will heal many surrounding communities.

*based on a lecture by Nouman Ali Khan


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