Eastern values

I have been busy for the past 8 months and now that I am free, I feel like I am being tortured by not having something to do. Being busy is a blessing in itself, eh? But that’s a topic for another day.

While I was away from family, I learnt a lot of things. First off, I have never been away from family and so as you can guess, it was a big adjustment on my part. Waking up on my own, dreading to go to early morning classes, preparing my own food, etc. It is a lot of responsibility.

Taken from: outlish.com

Taken from: outlish.com

In a usual western world, it’s not a big deal being on your own rather people seem to enjoy the freedom. Our eastern values teach us collective individualism and I have overtime started to love it even more. A little dependence doesn’t hurt but rather, creates love and respect. I think it’s these values which make us successful not only at workplaces but also our homes. These are the values which teach a father, that when he comes from work, he has to spend some time with his children. That’s his original duty. These are the values which teach our mothers that a proper up-bringing of their children is more important than having to earn money. All a child needs is a mother’s love and father’s attention.

If you have read this post, then all I want you to do is that the next time your parents ask you something, don’t talk rudely. Be polite in manner. I can assure you that if you are being nice to them, the world will be at your feet. Keep your eastern values alive. That’s what makes you different in a western world.


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