Ever since I have had my vacation, I have just been lurking around the house. Now that I am done sitting idle, I thought to come back to regular writing (or atleast I hope to do so). Today, I’d like to share a few resources that I have stumbled upon in my last year or so and found them to be very useful.

1. Coursera:

This website has a wealth of resources at your disposal. It offers all the free courses (open course ware) from universities around the world. It allows you to sign up for courses which interest you the most and takes you through an incredible journey of learning. The basic structure that I have encountered through the courses I took is such that you have weekly videos and readings followed by a weekly quiz. The videos are re-recorded by the professors who teach those particular courses at their universities and they are easily downloadable as well. Some courses don’t even have readings in case you are someone who tries to avoid reading.  Weekly quizzes are from the content taught and can be taken multiple times without any time constraint. Once you finish the course with a passing mark, you are emailed a certificate of completion signed by an authority figure. Overall, I think it’s a great resource to invest some time in.

2. MIT OCW: MIT open course ware also offers a whole lot of free courses – some are tagged with videos while others only have a few midterms, final examinations, assignments, etc. On a side note, coursera also has some courses that are originally offered by MIT.

3. Study Hacks: As the subtitle of the blog goes, ‘decoding patterns of success’, this blog is exactly about finding those unique paths that lead to a successful life. Nobody can tell you how to become an A student but following a few tips given here might set you on the path to victory. Again, it has a lot to offer but all depends on how and when you implement it.

4. Scott H Young: This is your how-to-get-more-from-life blog. How to get more from the limited time you have such as finishing a 4 year Computer Science degree in one year. Oh, don’t be surprised! This gentleman has done it all. But don’ forget, life isn’t all about fast-tracking. Sometimes you need to slow down, and breathe.

5. Zen Habits: …And if you’re caught up in the cycle of getting more in less time and don’t have time for yourself, this is where you should go. I recently discovered this blog and haven’t read a whole lot from it but looking at the few that I did read, it offers some experiential advice.

6. Medaholic: Last but not least, this is all about medicine. Recently, I was looking for some kind of experiential advice from those who are in the field, and this guy does offer some great insight.

That’s all for now. I am tagging this post under  ‘resources’ and will do so for all the future ones, if any.


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