Twenty-twelve, welcome.

2011 has been full of some festive moments, some milestones, some painful moments but overall, a great experience. Another year full of observation, connectedness, and just bliss. A bit of blogging besides politics, etc. I tried to concentrate more on personal experiences this year and looks like I have gained a little readership too, if I may say so.

Looking forward to another year full of hope, peace and euphoria. I hope to write more, achieve more and give more passionately. Thank you for reading the rants. May Allah endow us with success in this new year and may it bring glad tidings for Pakistan. Ameen.

Keep me in your prayers.

Welcome 2012 with all your heart.


3 thoughts on “Twenty-twelve, welcome.

  1. Your post makes my heart sing….. Very happy for you young lady and I will continue to follow your progress. Continue increasing in confidence and in your experience of joy through self expression. Blessings to all for the new year in your both your personal home and country of Pakistan. May we all remember the divinity of each soul as it is expressed in the diversity of life around the world. ❤

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