There is more to life than your A* grades

She quickly turned back, gave my paper a strong gaze for quick few seconds while the teacher was gone and copied down the first few answers. Meanwhile, I was in a complete shock. I completely blanked out at the moment. I didn’t know what to say or how to stop her. Unfortunately, it is the story of an everyday classroom.

I was shocked not because I haven’t seen it happening around me but how it has become a non-embarrassing act for some. It is plaguing our society and what’s sad is that no one is doing anything to stop it. It is surely increasing at an exponential rate if we look at it mathematically, and at some point, parents are also the factor behind it since they play a vital role when it comes to our academic life.

Unfortunately, the stress now is not on learning and gaining knowledge but on getting good grades which will assure you a seat in a top-notch university. I am not against getting A* but what I am trying to clarify here is that why are we doing this at the expense of learning? Why aren’t we doing this just for the sake of acquiring knowledge? If you are getting straight As and you are enjoying learning and exploring new dimensions, then no worries!

When you cheat, you sure are stealing the other person’s right who was using his/her brain and who has worked all night to clear his/her concepts for a certain test but along with that you are cheating with yourself. You are not giving yourself proper time to learn and explore everything that is out there. What will you teach your children when they will be at your place when they grow up?

Upon asking a friend about her career choices and why she chose to pursue that field, I felt that she was doing all that under the societal pressure. She didn’t like that subject yet she was planning to pursue that as a career in the future. Imagine waking up for a job everyday that you are not interested in but just doing it for the sake of big bucks. I must say parents play a huge role in this particular matter. It is their responsibility to give you the freedom to choose your career and not dictate it to you. Only if parents understood the cost of dictatorship in this matter. It is killing the child’s creativity and the natural talent he/she is born with. The pressure of phrases like ‘Uss aunty ki beti doctor ban rahi hai, humari bhi tumse aisi hee kuch expectations hain’ (That aunt’s daughter is becoming a doctor, we expect the similar from you) makes life a bit more harder but at the same time its enough to keep you on track perhaps.

It is life and we need to enjoy it. We are only here for 50 or so years then why over-burden ourselves with something we are not interested in. Let your inner talent shine through.

I hope in the coming future parents come to terms with the career-choosing dilemma. Try making your child’s life easier by letting him/her pursue the career they want to and they will fall in love with learning, all over again!

I wanted to write something further, but then I realized it would get too long. So stay tuned for the next post!


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