The time paused..

It is hard to let go of things that we hold so dear to ourselves. Everyone of us have our own definition  of letting go of things that matter and things that don’t matter. We sometimes forget to draw the fine line that is present between loved and liked things to differentiate so that when time comes we try our best not to let go of the ones that are the most beloved to us. From things that we have earned with hard work to things that we thought already belonged to us and would never leave us; it is tough to let go of them but ain’t it life?

I read this somewhere today that ‘people say we should value each and every little moment because we don’t know what we have until we lose it’. But is every moment as precious as the most significant ones? Perhaps, not. You know what is most valuable to you and you try your best to live each and every moment until comes the time to depart, the time of good-byes and of letting go of these relationships.

We need to let go because often it is the best revenge. Because it speaks louder than your words sometimes. Because it is the best solution. Because it is for your best. And because it is all you can do. Just let go!

pinkparis1233 on DeviantArt


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