Be realistic in life.

So after cleaning the stove with a fabric softener mistakenly, I though I need to give this mind a break by writing something informal. For many of us, our new academic year sadly started last Tuesday. All that hype seen prior to school-opening dies within a week or so. In a few more days, you will be working day and night to make your both ends meet. Whether you’re a professional or a student – our lives will be the same as that tic-toc of the clock. Growing older day by day.

The sun will rise and you will watch it going down the horizon by evening. Ever wondered how peacefully the sun lights the whole sky. Even after all this light, the sun doesn’t say, “You owe me”. This is how you show love for the ones you adore – your family, your siblings, your close friends, etc. Whatever you do for them, do it with love and never ask for any returns. It will automatically come back to you in another form. Yes, all that good that you have done till now has not gone in waste. Look at what happens with all that love, it lights the hearts of your loved ones.

Open your hearts and welcome everything that comes your way. It is sometimes hard for us to accept things that happen in our lives and we, as the human nature is known, start questioning and complaining about it. It is totally normal of us but for once, think the opposite way. And it will all be for your best. Everything happens for a reason.

During a day of 24 hours, we wish for so many things. We wish that everything was perfect as we want it. We wish that we get the best teachers/ professors in school. We wish that the way we behave with others, we should get back the same. We wish that we get the best grades in school to make our parents feel proud of ourselves. We wish that someone would just turn back and everything would be alright. We wish that everything in our lives was perfect like a fairy tale where a happily-ever-after is a must. We wish that we get the most sincere and awesome friends and we wish that they would never change. We wish, we wished and we will continue to wish not because our wishes come true every time but it gives our heart a satisfaction. It is the indication of the fact that we are still alive and there is still hope out there. Wish for the best for yourself and others because you never know when God might listen to the cry of your heart.

Life has ups and downs like the sine-cosine graphs. You will get confused at many points and might even get lost somewhere there but once you get the hang of it – You will master it. You need to get used to the fact that someone who is with you right now might not be there tomorrow. Live-every-moment might be hard to do because you do need some time for yourself, sometime to reflect, cry and smile at the moments you have spent already. Life is not supposed to be ‘full’ of fun. It is supposed to be Life. Try giving it your best shot, be happy with what you have and don’t be sad at what you didn’t get. Just give yourself a chance to live life because it is awesome and it is only given once.

“The perplexity in the heart is like war:

when a man is perplexed he says,

“I wonder whether this is better for my situation, or that.”

 In perplexity the fear of failure and the hope of success

always are in conflict with each other, advancing, retreating.”



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