Be Pakistani, be very Pakistani!

Dear Pakistan,

You are 64 years old now. During 64 years of the lifetime of an everyday man, he has seen the ups and downs and has already been through the peak of his time and is now well off to settle down quietly and observe life as it moves. But your case is a bit different. When you were born on 14 August, 1947, people threatened you and even said that you won’t be able to stand for more than 6 months. But here you are today celebrating your 64th birthday.

The green flag (Sabz Hilali Parcham)

On this independence day, all I saw around me was green – from virtual world to real world. My twitter feed, the facebook newsfeed, hence, every social networking site was looking like a freshly mowed lawn. Green, everywhere. The spirit that we get to see on the streets of Karachi and Lahore and numerous other cities of Pakistan is applausable. We even made an anthem record today in Karachi where 5800+ patriots gathered in a stadium and sang your anthem together to show solidarity to the world and to send out a positive image of Pakistan. I wish we work for your betterment with the same zeal and passion all year long but we seem to lose it after your birthday. But even this one day does wonders. Whether it be a Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or a Pathan, everyone unites under the flag of Pakistan (note: not a political flag). We may face a thousand problems everyday and we may see bloodshed on the streets of Karachi everyday, but we don’t lose hope. The only solution to all this mayhem and chaos is our Quaid’s rule – Unity, Faith & Discipline. 

The world might call us foolish for believing in you optimistically but where there is hope there is a way. You fell, lost hope and stood up again with all your glory. The youth of Pakistan will bring you out of crisis. If people like Ali Moeen Nawazish can postpone their studies and reject the job offers of companies like Google only to come back and work for you, then O Pakistan! believe me there is still hope. There is hope because your people are struggling for your progress and they will do all they can to make you one of the greatest nations.

Candle Lights

Today, on your birthday, I lighted candles and prayed for you in silence. I even adorned my room wall with the only flag I have. I prayed that may peace prevail in my Pakistan and may you come out of these crisis with flying colors. Pakistan, we represent you and you represent us. We were proud of you, we are proud of you and we will forever be proud of you and for being Pakistanis at heart. No matter which continent we are on, you will forever be in our prayers. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!


A Pakistani.

Be Pakistani, be very Pakistani! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Be Pakistani, be very Pakistani!

  1. hellooo dint get ur true name.. loved tis post though.. i m frm india .. i love it the way u love pakistan.. i really really cant understand the india pakistan hatred. it just doesnt get into my mind y ppl hate pakistan to show love for india. its der problem anyway.. bt ur blog reminded me of myself!! hope to c more blogs frm u on pakistan n ur daily life der!! keep it up. gud luck..

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