One who knows your heart

Like relationships are made in heaven, I think friendships are made in heaven too. Friendship is something only an honest and a truthful friend can offer to his/her friend. Not every friendship is a truthful relationship just like not every person is trustworthy. Over a span of few years, I have gone through transitions from one phase to another with changing environments and friendships, of course. To keep it clean, sometimes we have to go through tremendous pain and agony. Friendships shouldn’t be composed of such elements but those who have had true friends will know. A best friend is a diamond which is not of any value when first found, but you have to give it a shape and sharpen it for it to look beautiful and worth any value. This is the process during which you get to know the other person and try to look at their inner beauty.

Friends Forever by LittleMeep on DeviantArt

Not every person goes through such processes and for some, friends are just another phase of time which will pass and then a new life, a new friend. People don’t understand the sacredness of this relationship. When someone gives you their time and sometimes even goes beyond time, all they want is your true self. To keep it honest, you have to open up to each other without keeping any malice in your heart.

It is true that we all will have to go our ways one day, but this is also true that distances don’t matter in a friendship. No matter how far you are, your best friend will always be there for you – someone who is still yearning to listen to your sheer stupid talks. That long chatting thread on facebook or on your email account might not matter now, but 10 – 20 years from now, when you will be reading it, you will surely smile and thank Lord for good times as such. Those long phone calls, helps during the assignments, talking to teachers on your behalf when you’re absent, calling you when you don’t answer your emails/fb, defending your ground against ‘enemy-attacks’, knowing the reasons of your mood-swings and then treating it, etc, – These are the moments that you should cherish upon and preserve them in your memory. As a wise person has said, time doesn’t come back and you should thrive to live it. *No matter where life takes us, just remember that there is someone who will always be there for you!

Happy Friendship day! 🙂

*Dedicated to a very dear friend.


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