Unfinished – 2

“All I wanted was a wish fulfilled. Nothing much, just a small wish. Sometimes those unfulfilled wishes leave you broken forever. Perhaps, that’s what I deserved. But, wait. What did I do to deserve this betrayal? But I can’t even blame you for being natural. Your memories will remain with me forever. We hold onto memories for as long as we can, good and bad alike. Your memories sure comfort me and they let me roll down the lane to those times we have had together but it is like the scent of rose which will disappear after a few days leaving you with some dried petals to keep in its remembrance. Oh, you are that rose and you have done that to me again. Oh rose, let me live — I don’t want to dwell in your memories but live the time with you. I recognized your significance long ago then why do I deserve your be-dilli (half-heartedness). ”

Dried rose by blejs on DeviantArt


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