The new breeze

Ramadan by A-Focus on DeviantArt

After trashing this post twice, I thought to write it finally. The past two days have been busy due to Ramadan and the Photo Fest which I’m really excited about. You will witness shades of life from my lens – a fancy way of saying that I will be photographing during this month and will be updating the page everyday. YAY! Infact, capturing moments in lens allows you to expand your horizons and for once, look at life from a different lens.

There is nice cool breeze outside as the sun is rising. Today will roll by silently as last week did. But I’m glad July is over which was packed with too much work but it feels good that it’s done now and out of sight. August carries a new silent breeze – a fresh start. The early morning breeze at Sehri is so satisfying and listening to the wind rustle by the trees early morning is so serene.

I hope this month brings peace in Pakistan especially our lovely city, Karachi. News have been crammed up with Karachi’s worst scenarios this month. I hope that, atleast, there is some stillness in the city during the month. Please do not forget our beloved country in your prayers.

Also, don’t forget to check  out the Photo fest project


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