Photo Fest – 30 days!

I will have to admit that I didn’t have any passion for photography when I was a child. This passion developed and grew over the past few years. Capturing moments into my memory? Ummm.. I’m not so good at it. But I have found out that pictures are something which help me remember the moment exactly the way it occurred; every passing second of that moment flashes through my mind like it is happening around me at the moment. I bet it’s the case for most of us.

I stumbled upon this website just a few days ago – Number 27. This man, Jonathan Harris, has done some really inspiring work. The short film below will further explains what he did and why:

I think sometimes in life we need to take small steps which help us advance ourselves towards forming goals that we can handle in the future. One small step at a time can change our lives and inspire us to spread good around us. Besides making goals, it is more about achieving what you intend to through every possible means. Making goals, achieving them and then inspiring others  – I think these three things help us build a stronger commitment to our future plans. Aspire, in other words.

This video inspired me to start a 30-day Photo fest. I know it is a very tough commitment since it’s Ramadan. I will have to juggle between this and other household duties, but life isn’t fun without challenges – challenges for self-development.  And again, it is all about aspiring what you want. So, I have decided that I will be posting one photo a day with a blurb about it on my blog. You will encounter more Ramadan themes in the pictures though. So, keep an eye out on this blog.

Follow the project here: 30-day Photo Fest

Some previous work can be found on

Starting first Ramadan!


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