Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Ya Ramadan!

Summer will be busy and interesting once again. Yes, Ramadan is here. Well, almost. So tomorrow will hopefully be the last day for any last-minute groceries for the first official day of Ramadan which falls on this Monday (I really hope the moon comes out tomorrow). It would be nice to have Ramadan start on the first and end either on 29th or the 30th – Wouldn’t it? Looks so much more organized and easy. Back to the business.

We don’t know whether this Ramadan will be our last but we do know that we have once again been given the opportunity to repent for past sins and ask for forgiveness from Allah – the most Compassionate and Merciful. Since many of us have vacations, it would be a good idea to concentrate on things that we would have not been able to, otherwise e.g. perfecting your fast, salah, reading some religious books, Aalim Online etc. That has been crossed out because it is better to read some books on your own rather than depending on someone else’s point-of-view.

Finally, there will be some peace of mind. Waking up for Sahoor, the breakfast with family, the fajr prayer, and then the sunrise which I find the most serene moment of my day. It is so calm and unruffled. Our monotonous routines often kill our productivity and we tend to slack off over the year. I hope this Ramadan rejuvenates us with some positive energy of spreading good all around us. I also hope that where ever you are, may your wishes and dua’s be fulfilled. May Allah bless us and everyone around the world with happiness, and peace of mind and soul.

Ramadan Kareem!


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