Four letters – RAIN!


It is a nice morning as I’m writing this post. Actually, it rained heavily yesterday and so the purple-colored sunlight seemed unusual today. I have never seen it rain so hard but yesterday was the most beautiful day, indeed. And I actually did some photography too. So check out my Flickr (left tab – below!).

Rain showers me with so many ideas that it is for me hard to keep track of them. I just sometimes wonder why people consider rain gloomy. It is so natural and re-freshening and soothing to your eyes, and it actually makes you feel better. I guess people don’t have time to observe the nature which gives them a chance to quickly be judgmental  about things so beautiful. Anyway, that’s there problem. No?

So where was I? Yes, the weather. That’s the update about weather. Another nice day of summer. Everything is calm and back-to-life with all the rains. Everything is green now. It feels like I’m just going on and on about nothing. I will go now and take sometime to admire nature. After all, I’m the only one left to do this 😛


A little criticism 

So, Coke Studio Season 4 is out. I hope all of you had a chance to listen to all the CS4 songs; after all, that’s the best thing that ever happened to Pakistan after T20 WC win. Some songs are so catchy while some are just too boring, I guess. CS4 is also too Sufi-istic, I guess, like the one where they mixed Jal’s Ik Aarzu with Dam mast Qalandar. That made it a flop, to be honest. If you want to do two songs, do ’em separately; it’s fine with me (not that it would make a difference but still). But for God’s sake,  mix two songs accordingly so that it makes sense to the listeners too. Bilal Khan’s song was a super-hit though.

Anyway, Goodbye for now!


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