The one I own

I had been thinking of doing a post on friendship for quite a while now and today, this task will be accomplished too. It was somewhere last week while I was searching up something on the internet that I stumbled upon this quote on friendship by Edith Wharton:

There is one friend in the life of each of us, who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one’s self, the very meaning of one’s soul.

What a beautiful quote!  We sometimes fail to realize the worth of a friend and the beautiful role they play in our life. A friend is someone who despite knowing everything about you, from strengths to weaknesses, will be your friend forever. Now that’s a strong word there 😛 We encounter different ‘types’ of friends in our lives; some leave you on the way while some join you on journey’s way but in your lifetime, you will encounter one who will never leave you, no matter what. Yes, and that is quite possible. If you have not encountered one yet, that person is out there somewhere waiting for you. Don’t lose hope yet 😛

If you have a good friend, treasure these times because they will never come back. As a friend said, “Distance doesn’t mean anything and it never will for friends that let the differences aside, keep it clean and honest and let you feel like you mean something to them.” These are the little things that make the big and important things. Sometimes we forget to appreciate these little things which are a big part of our life until the thought of losing them comes across.

If you have managed to read this rant till the now, all I want you to do is to let your best friend know (via email, fb, or even a personal approach) that you value them and thank them for the support they have given you through thick and thin. Life is too short.

You remind me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colorful,
For the world to see

-Christine McClimans

*Dedicated to a friend 🙂


4 thoughts on “The one I own

  1. as time progresses, its v hard to even remain in contact with that single good friend esp wen u enter practical that one unseparatable friend is easily lost in this busy world..
    liked the blog and ur writings r quite refreshing to read 🙂

    • It is not that hard actually (for most cases). If that person is ‘really’ your best friend, then you will always find ways to know what’s happening at their end. You may lose touch for sometime, but you are just one-click away

      Thanks for the compliment, though! 🙂

  2. Hey there,

    I have been reading your past writings and i have come to a conclusion that you are a very deep writer….. Touching- for those who can understand the meaning……. Great Work ….. But probably this our attitude in our teen years……… later we have to face the truth and everyone has to leave now or then………. Fabulous writing….. Hope u achieve success in your life…. And ur friends and loved ones always stay with u at all times… Looking Forward to read more writings from your side….. 🙂

    • Hey My Secret Admirer :P,

      Thanks for the appreciations & the support. I think everyone has the capability to stay in touch. We would have to move on one day, I agree with that, but it’s all up to how we perceive it & make connections even after losing touch.

      A friend is not a friend until they try every possible way to get back in touch with their ‘best friend’. 🙂

      I hope you understand. I wish you the very best for your life.

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