Memories on a rainy day!

The pressure seems to be mounting up as the exams are getting closer each day. As I sit here, looking through the window examining the nature, the birds, and the weather while inhaling the smell of rain mixed with mud, I try to remember those childhood days. Sometimes, I’m just left to wonder as to why we grow up. Life seems so easy and worth living when you have nothing to worry about. When everything is taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy each and every moment. The giggles behind a mischief, the utter nonsense talks, the stubborn behaviors, etc.; hence, everything seems so beautiful and carries a sense of freedom in itself when you are young. But why is it that as you grow up you are asked to live up to other’s expectations and perform to the best of your ability to achieve what is expected of you.

I guess childhood is meant to be fun and full of life. Sometimes, things happen for the good. We are meant to live for so much more…


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