Jaan di, di hui ussi ki thi!

Sometimes we fail to realize the duties we have as a vice-gerent of God on Earth. While watching the Hum TV drama serial, Parsa, I came to realize that how important our life is. By taking our own decisions, doing whatever we want and disobeying our parents leads us to a path where there’s no turning back. It’s like a road where you reach at the end just to realize that there’s nothing beyond this point.

Basically, what happens in the drama is that a Muslim girl marries a Christian guy which leads to the death of her father due to that shock and it goes on. And to be honest, it is not just a drama, it is a story to which everyone can relate to.

After reaching the end point where there’s NO turning back, one only can only wish if this or that had not happened. The feeling of regret takes your life slowly. Anyway, I don’t want to get too emotional here, however, I do want this message to get across. People should realize the duties they have been sent with before the opportunities slip under their very nose. The shair which inspired me tonight to write this post is by Mirza Ghalib:

Jaan di, di hui ussi ki thi

Haq to ye hai, ke haq ada na hua!

I know this might be a boring & a random post but I had to put it out there.


3 thoughts on “Jaan di, di hui ussi ki thi!

  1. Amazing shair… I always read this few lines to my friends in collge whn they wnt to voilate any rule… Or sometime on road whn they break traffic signals… Haq hi sbb kch hy chahy wo ksi ka b ho… Hum agar traffic signal thorty hei ya bahar ki toffee packet b phainkty hei to hum haq ada nh krty… Or agr hum is dunya sy tng ho kr khudkushi b kr ley to tb b ghalib ka yhi shair apply hota hy k haq to yu hy k haq ada na hua…. Humy khud ko asa bnana hoga k jitnaa ho sky haq ada krty rhy.. Or khaas tor par Allah pak ki ibaadat kry ta k kch to haq ada ho…. Taa k humara khatma b achy sy islam k mutabiq ho jay…. Koi ye soch k dil-bardashta na ho k wo puri zindgi gunah krta aya hy.. Allah pak bhara ghafoor or raheem hy… Bs khatma acha ho jay to akhrat sanwar jay gi… Wo kehty hei na
    “Aghaaz kon puchta hy ?”
    “Anjaam acha ho aadmi ka”

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