The REAL game – Cricket!

So, after being in the hibernation-mode for almost two months, I’m back with new freshness and the passion for Cricket World Cup this year. Yes, the CWC. I’m sure many of you will be much more excited for the Pak-India semi final than I am. We are almost less 55 hours away from the REAL MATCH. To be honest, I’m not even concerned about the finals as much as I am about the semi against India. Watching Pak vs. India matches is the most exciting thing I would ever do and it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity seeing Pakistan win the World Cup, God -willing. 🙂

Pakistan has only lost one match this World Cup which is astonishing. Our players have played so well & especially, our Sahibzada Afridi who may not have made a good amount of runs but he surely has taken a lot of wickets. I am definitely sure that he will make us proud this world cup too. All the best, Lala 😀

For the past month, my Newsfeed on facebook was filled with live commentaries by friends for the Pakistani matches. Almost everyone turned their display picture to Afridi’s pictures. Green, green everywhere! This is what I like about Cricket. Atleast, the whole nation is united under one banner of Pakistan. This is the passion and the craze for cricket which cannot be found for any other game around the world. People are holding family get-togethers just for the sake of watching that ‘one’ match on Wednesday. I know we shouldn’t be emotionally attached to a game but what can we do?  It’s CRICKET. And it’s PAKISTAN VS. INDIA!

The Unity which keeps us together!

Our hopes are high this time, Afridi. The way our team has worked together; it has been an incredible experience. I must say that there are very high chances of Pakistan winning the CWC unless the boys are overcome by complacency which will not happen inshaAllah. At the end, I would like to say:

“Tum jeeto ya Haaro, Suno!

(Whether you win or loose, Listen!)

Hamain Tumse Pyaar hai!”

(We still Love you!)

You ain’t seen nothing yet, India! 😀

Pakistan Zindabad!


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