A productive day in your life!

Have you ever thought of finishing a day in such a way that you feel you have achieved everything you aimed for, for that day; in other words, you have spent a productive day? Very few times. Well, this is the time for you to learn how to organize your time & tasks without missing any religious duties along with being consistent.  

How to wake up for Fajr: 

This might seem one of the hardest tasks for many of us but believe me, it is just a matter of getting into the habit of waking up at Fajr. You can start that by reciting short duas at night starting by giving just 10 minutes for the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) & being determined about waking up for Fajr. And Allah alone will ease your hardship inshaAllah. Secondly, pray Isha+witr at night regularly (not only Isha but all prayers), recite some Quran & go to sleep purified (by that I mean perform wudhu). Finally, just remember the rewards that you will get once you get up for Fajr prayer. One key is that you have to maintain your sleeping habits to keep waking up for Fajr, for example, if you wake up early one morning, work all day & go to bed late at night, ofcourse you won`t be as fresh the next morning as you were the first day. So get proper sleep!

How to end your day:

So after spending all day at your office/school, everyone gets tired but what can you do to end that day feeling rejuvenated. The secret lies in the dhikr of Allah. So read some Quran & perform the Isha prayer along with witr (if you can`t wake up during night to perform Tahajjud and witr).  You can also take out some time for reflecting back what you did today. Try thinking of some techniques about how to improve your certain act & brainstorm some ideas about any thing that you are about to start the next day. Repent to Allah for your sins. When going to bed, face your right side, put your right hand under your cheek & supplicate following the Sunnah. I know this amazing website which contains the supplications for a day. You can visit it here: Makedua. I hope this will help you spend your day a little more constructively.

How to use the virtual assistants to make your day productive:

We play around with tech. toys every day in the form of our iPods, iPhones, cell phones, computers, etc. but sometimes we never think of what these technologies can potentially do for us. One of the advantages is in the form of your virtual assistants. What I have experienced is that the calendars & other sources of reminders are a good way to keep you on track if you are a person who needs constant reminders for tasks-to-be-done. The calendars in your computers or your iPods/iPhones can also play a vital role in keeping you on task. Give a time margin to yourself for a certain task & see how it works. e.g. if you have a school project, allot an hour or two to that task & remove any distractions from around you like cellphones/sms/emails alerts, etc. so that you maintain the focus & remain on task with full dedication.

For further info: ProductiveMuslim

Anyway, this was just an overview of how to make your day a little more constructive & productive. I hope it helps you. Your comments are more than welcome. Stay tuned for another post which will inshaAllah be up in about a week.


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