Height of Stress and Holidays!


I`ve been away since Eid which was long time ago. I thought to get in touch since I was stressed out due to exams, projects and much more. Sometimes I wonder why do we have to do this much work. I mean students` lives in the 80s and 90s were so relaxing, and free of stress. They still achieved what we are struggling for by not spending 6 hours at night for homework. This is ridiculous. I know that we should consider ourselves lucky after seeing what has happened in Britain in terms of their fees and that is what depresses students and pushes them to work beyond their limits. So much for the sake of tuition fees. I beg the authorities to decrease the student fees so that we, the once-twinkling stars, could come back to life. And by life, I do mean LIFE.

Finally, have a good time during the holidays while I will be preparing myself for tests, assignments and much more… 🙂

P.S.I was just told that it is illegal for teachers to give homework in our region during Holidays. Time for students to speak up 😛


The once-twinkling star.


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