Our ‘outdated’ textbooks!

Recently, I’ve been reading quite a few articles on the urge to revise the curriculum of  our textbooks. So I got on the computer and thought to write about this issue as I’ve been away from writing for a quite a while now. Here’s my take on History’s textbooks:

Text books play a very important role in shaping the character of a student. The government textbooks studied by the students nowadays are serving in the production of narrow-minded students. These textbooks have not been revised for quite a long time and if they were, the review decisions have not been implemented yet. I’ve read a few books on the Pakistani history and then came to realize that our textbooks are written in a very obsolete manner.

For instance, our history textbooks (from grade 1-12) are so dry that anyone would literally fall asleep during a history class. They are boring. Indeed, utterly boring. The Pakistani history is incredibly persuasive and interesting; only if we ‘atleast’ try to present it in a creative way. We’re losing the point of teaching history. History is taught so we don’t make mistakes over again in our lives.

History is considered a dry subject as children have to memorize dates and facts without the actual awareness of the emotions. Without the understanding what Iqbal’s dream was and why our ancestors struggled towards it with such zeal and passion. The speeches of Quaid-e-Azam had powerful and motivating meanings in them which can absolutely revolutionize our thinking and increase our patriotism even today. All these things should be included in the textbooks but in such an artistic way that it doesn’t seem a burden to a student anymore. We need to boost up their moral values to bring out an active and more informed citizen form inside them.

It is rightly said that we don’t have to make the Western world our ideal world but we should strive for a country far better than the western countries (or for that matter any other highly developed country). In western countries, students are encouraged to volunteer / take part in different activities to develop in them a sense of belonging to their community and to their people. We must also encourage our young students to get involved in their communities. We have to instil in them the thought that ‘Like a rose you can make a difference too.’

I myself had been a victim of this system of education and I would like to request the Principals and Teachers of especially the government schools to kindly ask the authorities about this issue as well as inform them about the adverse effects it would have on this generation later on. If you did not take a step forward, no one would for our government is already surrounded by so many issues. Lets take our responsibility on our shoulders and care about our future generations.


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