Something to be proud of!

I still regret the moment I missed the match played against South Africa. What a match! Usually in these situations where you have more runs left with a few balls, we lose. But this time, Razzaq did a miracle. He actually shot sixes at the end. It was raining sixes, yeah. It was a jaw-dropping phenomenal match. Never in my life, have I seen such a match ( I only watch world cups or finals of T20s though); so I might be exaggerating. They have brought glory once again at the time when we lost hope. I hope that they win the world cup too that is in February.

As stated in Cricinfo: …because Pakistan rely so much on moments of individual genius to overcome collective, sustained efficiency, they don’t win as much as less exciting sides do.

And here are the last moments of the match when it started raining sixes 😀


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