Lala Tere Jaanisaar, Beshumaar Beshumaar!


So Lala has finally decided to quit Tests forever. People have been criticizing Lala for quitting in between the Test matches and not playing the last Test against Australia. But really, who cares what people say. Every person reserves the right to make a decision by him/herself. Bombarded by all sorts of criticisms, he finally announced his decision that he will never play Test Cricket ever again.  To me, I think it’s not really Afridi’s fault for quitting while the game was on because when a leader loses hope and determination, he can’t lead his followers to a win. Secondly, he was asked to take over the charge by PCB since there was no other better option than him and he did not think that he will perform very well after 4 years of break from the Tests either. Due to some side injury in Asia cup, he was also not healthy to play Tests. He thinks that a captain should be an example for youngsters and tests did not work out for him very well. And seriously, I don’t like Tests either due to their long and boring duration. 😐 So all those of you Lala-haters, please stop cursing Lala because he knew that you would not like to see him loose another game at England. He’s better off with ODI’s and T20’s.  So now our Vice-captain, Salman Butt, will be taking over as a Captain for the rest of the England tour. We wish him the best of luck for that. 🙂

Afridi has achieved a lot during his time in Cricket and before leaving he wants to win World Cup 2011. According to a statement in an article, he said :

“I have won the World Twenty20, beaten England and India in Tests at home and have achieved some other milestones as well, but before I leave the game I want to win the World Cup.”

We all wish Lala good luck for World Cup and hope that he brings the cup home. 🙂 This statement of Afridi has also saddened me because his plans are of leaving the Cricket after the 50-over World Cup next year in Feb-Mar.

And last but not least, what’s the problem with Afridi biting a ball when Germans have no problem with their Soccer coach eating his boogers / picking his nose (Click to see).

So all I’m saying is that Afridi-lovers would never take any criticisms against Lala.

*T20 di Jaan, Lala Afridi Khan*

Die-hard Lala lovers!

Sahibzada Shahid Khan Afridi


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