Lahore – the tragedy!

Once again the Taliban have hit Lahore. But this time, it wasn’t a building or a chowk but  it was a Masjid/place of worship of a different sect. Two Masjids have been targeted and near 80 innocent people have died.  A terrorist has been captured and more will be captured as time unfolds. But will those terrorists be prosecuted? Will they be asked to pay for the lives of those innocent people who have been slaughtered? The Talibans think that they are making Pakistan the land of pure by causing anarchy everyday.  But today as I write this, my heart looks for that once-there peace in these blood-soaked streets of Pakistan.

One wonders what Ahmedis have done to the Taliban. They have been living their life peacefully since they have been declared non-Muslims in 1974. We capture the Taliban but do we prosecute them?

Even worst than that, we don’t accept that it’s from the Talibans who are living within our country and are being trained in Waziristan. But instead we blame the Intelligences of other countries, for instance India in this case. The government has blamed RAW instead of taking some preventive measures so that these tragedies dont take place in the streets of Pakistan. So that these attacks dont take away the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters. If our  government had taken legal action against these criminals, our mothers and sisters would not have seen these days.

I think our government, which is in continuous denial, should accept the truth and start working towards the right cause before its too late. I hope that one day peace will prevail in Pakistan and we will see Jinnah’s Pakistan once again.


“Together, we can make a difference”


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