Jaag Mere Pakistan

Zamanay kay andaaz badlay gae

The ways of world have changed;

Naya raag hai saaz badlay gae

Tune is new, instruments have changed;

Khirad ku ghulami say azaad kar

Free thy mind from mental slavery;

Jawanoo’n ku peero’n ka ustad kar

Make the young masters of the old!

– Iqbal

Iqbal’s poetry always had some purpose in it and it had played a crucial role in the past and now again is time when it can play a vital role. As our Ministers are depriving their own people from their rights and bribing and doing many other things that they are not supposed to do, it gives a sign out to the youth that it is time to wake up and take the initiative. These Ministers have done what they had to do, they can’t do anything now as we know that Old habits die-hard. If they have just been ruling out people in the past, they are not going to take a step towards a right cause now either.  So it’s time to step up, come out and make a difference in our lives as well as in other people’s lives’.  Below is a video which will show you at the end how the Minister of Petroleum was half-asleep during a meeting followed by a clip from GEO news showing a drunk Police man wandering in the streets along with some other significant highlights 🙂


Together, we can make a difference!


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