From the depth of my heart…

Teachers come and go,
but very so often one comes along,
who can always be remembered,
One who makes learning adventurous

And thou art the one,
who inspired me,
to dream,to work, and to reach,
to know, to grow, and to succeed,
and to make my dreams true

And thou art the one,
who encouraged me,
to get something,
you’ve to play your role,
work day and night to achieve your goal,

And thou art the one,
who assured me,
that I can make my dreams true,
my wishes and my hopes true.
only thou art the one

And YES!thou art the one,
who made this journey so memorable,
that you will always be remembered,
where ever I go,
where ever I live,

YOU will always be remembered.

(Proud to be your student)

Copyright © . All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “From the depth of my heart…

  1. hmmm… 😉
    okay LOL
    I knw its not too good, shairi wairi ka shauq to nahin hai, depends upon mood. If you’ve copied from here ,I wont mind but do mention my name whereever you post it 😛

  2. wow………amazing…..
    yar tumahara shairi ka zauq to bohat aala hai
    bohat achi collection hai…i have copied two from here…..hopefully u wont mind

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